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A Faster, Easier Way to Count & Measure On-Screen: PlanSwift & Red Rhino Electrical Estimating

Estimating electrical projects requires speed and accuracy.

Using on-screen take-off software speeds up the process of estimating.

It is time consuming to get the plans printed, spread them out on the plan table, manually make a material list, highlighting each item so you don’t count materials twice, then input the take-off into estimating software.

Using Red Rhino with PlanSwift on-screen take-off software is a much faster way.

Overview How to use Red Rhino & PlanSwift:

Step 1: Download blueprints

Step 2: Use your mouse to count and measure on-screen

Step 3: Export take-off to Red Rhino. Red Rhino displays labor and materials in estimate.

Based on my experience and feedback from electrical contractors who use it, you can double your estimating speed or better.

PlanSwift works best using 2 computer monitors.

A big monitor for plans and a second monitor for your estimating program.

I measure and count on-screen using a 32-inch monitor and have Red Rhino open on my laptop.

A 42 or 48-inch monitor would be even better so you can enlarge the plans to see important details.

Using PlanSwift you don’t have to print blueprints for estimating.

Paper blueprints are expensive to print and take up too much storage space. Using Planswift is more convenient and faster than paper.

Like any software, there is a learning curve, but when you become proficient, you’ll bang out your estimates a lot faster than using paper plans.

Red Rhino has hundreds of pre-built assemblies and thousands of products that speed up estimating.

Watch video how fast and easy you can estimate using Red Rhino with PlanSwift.

Benefits of using Red Rhino with PlanSwift:

→ Measure conduit and wirequickly and accurately

→ Count plug, switches and light fixtures with ease

→ Export take-off to Red Rhino Electrical Estimating Software

→ Red Rhino calculates labor and material cost

→Save time. Save $$ – money. Save space.


Red Rhino is online so you can log on from any computer with an internet connection. 

The Cost of Red Rhino is $99.00/ Month with an affordable setup fee.

Red Rhino Electrical Estimating Software | 14 Day Free Trial

You will immediately get access to our online software. Training videos will guide you step by step to learn how to navigate.

Call us if you have questions.

888- 492-5565 x 1

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