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Electrical Estimating Cost (How Can You be More Competitive and Win More Jobs?) Part 1

Electrical estimating cost. How can you be more competitive and win more jobs? One thing you can do that helps to be more accurate and more competitive is to do a job-walk.

When estimating electrical cost it is important to have all the details possible. The more details you have the more competitive you can be, and the more jobs you can win and the more money you can make!

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When estimating electrical remodel projects, it is to your advantage to go see the job. When you go see the job it is also called doing a “job-walk”. It is not always possible to do a job-walk but if you can, you greatly increase the likelihood of winning the job. When attending a job-walk, if the scope of the work is not clear – ask questions to get answers!

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Here are some key questions to ask at a job-walk:

  1. What’s to be included in the project?

  2. What is to be excluded or performed by others?

  3. Is the owner furnishing any equipment or materials like switchgear or lighting fixtures?

  4. During what hours is the work to be performed? Normal working hours? Overtime hours?

  5. Where will your employees park? Who will pay for parking costs of employee’s vehicles?

  6. Who will dispose of demolished materials?

  7. If there is saw cutting or core drilling of concrete needed who will perform it you or the general contractor?

  8. In high-rise buildings ask if the structure is post-tension cable. If so, every penetration through a floor will need to be x-rayed. Who will pay for x-rays?

  9. In high-rise buildings, ask what elevators can be used to move materials and what times it is allowed and not allowed to use elevators.

When estimating the electrical costto win more jobs and make more money always do job-walks on projects when you can. Take lots of notes, and ask plenty of questions. Remember, The only dumb question is the one not asked!


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