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Electrical Estimating For Dummies (The Fortune is in the Follow-Up)

The title of this blog, should not be Electrical Estimating for Dummies but rather should be How to Effectively Follow- up to Win More Bids and Make More Money.

But in reality “The fortune is in the follow-up.”

In the sales world, there is a saying that is so true.

“The fortune is in the follow-up.”

NEVER ASSUME anyone received ANYTHING from you. Emails end up in spam folders, snail mail gets lost at the post office, and faxes end up in the trash or in a big pile that goes to the wrong person or worse, into the black hole

Always follow-up with a phone call and ASSUME they did NOT receive what you sent until they confirm with you they received what your sent. It is most favorable to speak with a live person instead of leaving a voice message. But leaving a voice message is better than no follow-up at all. 

When you have to leave a voice message, ask them to confirm they received what you sent. If you do not hear back from them in what you consider a reasonable amount of time, call them again.

Here is how my conversation goes when I follow-up on a proposal I sent and I am forced to leave them a message.“Hi Bill, this is John Kay with Zapp Electric, I just emailed you my proposal for the Wendy’s restaurant project, would you please confirm with me that you received it? I just want to make sure it did not go into “the black hole”. Thanks, My number is ……….

Here are things to follow-up on.

1. Your Proposals – If your client does not receive your proposal you wasted your time bidding the job.

2. (RFI) Request for information to contractors, architects, or engineers.

3. Material pricing requests from wholesale vendors, switchgear vendors, or light fixture vendors.

4. Pricing requests from sub-contractors like fire alarm contractor, low voltage contractor, high voltage contractor, or excavation sub-contractor.

Again the rule is:

Always follow-up with a phone call and never ASSUME people received what you sent.

Electrical Estimating for Dummies: The fortune is in the follow-up.  

Ask for confirmation that they received what you sent.

Become a master of follow-up and you increase efficiency to generate more profits.


PS. Click here to learn more about electrical estimating.


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