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Electrical Estimating Speed Tip: How to Take Off Lighting (Saves you time)

In this blog, we will show you an electrical estimating speed tip how to take off lighting fixtures for commercial electrical estimating.

Taking off light fixtures is fast and easy.

When you are estimating commercial projects, you get your light fixtures quoted in a lot price.

Lot price means getting a price for an entire lighting package.

Here are steps on how to take off lighting:

  1. Print the fixture schedule.

  2. Count all the different types of light fixtures. (You can use highlighters with different colors) Write the quantity of the fixtures.

  3. Use an app called Scanbot. Take a picture of the light fixture schedule and it will convert to a PDF file.

  4. Send the PDF file to yourself (so you have an electronic copy) and send a copy to your light fixture vendor for a quote.

Below is an example of a light fixture schedule with the fixture count:

Watch the video below of John Kelsey as he explains how he does it:

This electrical estimating speed tip saves you time and helps increase your profit.

Let us know how this blog helped you. You may leave comments or suggestions.


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