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Five Reasons to Use a Cloud-Based Electrical Estimating Software

What does Cloud-Based Mean?

Cloud-Based Electrical Estimating Software

Cloud-based software is when digital data is stored, managed, and processed on a network of remote servers hosted on the internet rather than on local servers or personal computers. A user would use their computer's browser to access cloud-based software to begin creating their Estimate. Estimators can then complete their Estimate by entering material and labor costs into the software. Once the Estimator has captured all of the bid costs, they can then use the software to send the Proposal directly to their customers. There are five compelling reasons for Estimators to consider using Cloud-based Electrical Estimating Software to speed up the estimating process.

Top 5 Reasons:

1. Limitless Access

First, you can access Electrical Estimating Software on a computer with any operating system. Estimators can log into the software using any browser, unlike downloadable software, which requires the user to download an installation package from the software provider's website. Popular browsers include the following: Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. If you have a favorite browser, feel free to continue using it! Cloud-based Electrical Estimating Software should function with any browser since it functions the same as any other website.

2. Location Availability

Secondly, with cloud-based software, the user can log in anywhere they have an internet connection. Even though this appears to limit availability, many phones can provide computer hotspots that offer Wi-Fi connections for any computer. Users can log in from the office, job site, at home, or anywhere they can find a suitable internet connection. Estimators that find themselves traveling from location to location will find this feature very helpful.

3. Protected Data

Electrical Estimating Software Security

Furthermore, Cloud-Based Electrical Estimating Software provides an additional layer of security. For example, if you use downloaded software, the data is stored locally on the computer. If that computer is damaged or becomes unfunctional, all of your data will be lost and unrecoverable. With cloud-based software, a remote server on the internet stores all data. Even if your computer breaks, you will be able to log in from any other computer, and all of your data will be there from your last save—a huge sigh of relief for anyone using an outdated computer.

4. Computer Friendly

Moreover, cloud-based software doesn't take up any storage space on your computer. Storage space on a computer is critical to consider if you have a computer close to the end of its practical life span. Depending on the components of the computer, this is in the range of five to eight years. A computer's operational lifespan is not very long, considering how long you plan to be in business. Also, downloadable software can run into issues with your computer's operating system. Most Estimating Software is designed for Windows operating systems, leading to compatibility issues for Estimators who use Apple products.

5. Multiple User Access

Finally, Cloud-Based Electrical Estimating Software is efficient for companies with multiple users. Since cloud-based software is accessed online, co-workers with login credentials can view, edit, and share saved data (with proper permissions). Downloaded software limits users to one computer and doesn't provide live data to others in the company. For example, if a Project Manager or Accountant needs information from the Estimate, they would be able to pull the data they need with up-to-date information. With downloaded software, the Project Manager or Accountant would need access to the dedicated computer or wait for a response from the Estimator.


Despite all of the benefits a Cloud-Based Electrical Estimating Software provides Estimators, some individuals might prefer downloaded software. Estimators that work in remote locations with no internet access will not be able to use cloud-based software effectively. Without internet access, you would be unable to work on Estimates, which could cause a substantial loss in personal time. Also, if a person is unfamiliar with cloud-based software, they will have to dedicate time to developing an understanding of a few browser functions. For example, the Estimator must save the data as they progress through the software. Also, the Estimator will have to learn how to keep an online document as a PDF if they wish to save files to their computer.

The Verdict

Overall, Cloud-Based Electrical Estimating Software is an attractive option for Electrical Contracting companies of any size. All users can log in from any computer with internet access and enjoy knowing their data is stored safely on a remote server. Dedicating time to learning any software, whether cloud-based or downloadable, will ultimately determine the success a user experiences with the product. For more information on Cloud-Based Electrical Estimating Software, sign up for the 14-Day Free Trial with Red Rhino and schedule a free demo.

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