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How can Skype keep you get in touch with people?

Why use Skype?

It’s more than your basic phone that can only make calls and text.

You can do video calls and see the person you are talking to. You can do conference video call and see several people at the same time. You can also use it to call your kids and see what they do while you are away from home. ( Like a live CCTV footage. )

On the business side, you can do meetings wherever you are. Even while you are on vacation. You can close that deal! You can easily transfer files like excel spreadsheets, word document or PDF files.

Millions of people use Skype whether it’s personal or business transactions. It lets you connect to other people instantly without any hassle! Many people use Skype to connect with family, friends and colleagues.

Skype is an application you can download on devices like computers, tablets, mobile devices, and even Xbox for FREE as long as you have internet connection.

It provides free voice and video calls for Skype to Skype users.

They have plans with affordable rates to call landlines and international numbers.

Other applications may have got the same features of Skype, but I’m sure you won’t exchange Skype from them once you used it. Find out yourself and see the difference

Click here to download Skype on your pc.


Red Rhino is online so you can log on from any computer with an internet connection. 

The Cost of Red Rhino is $99.00/ Month with an affordable setup fee.

Red Rhino Electrical Estimating Software | 14 Day Free Trial

You will immediately get access to our online software. Training videos will guide you step by step to learn how to navigate.

Call us if you have questions.

888- 492-5565 x 1

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