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How to Estimate Pulling Wire in Existing Conduit

Occasionally, you may be required to estimate pulling wire when the conduit has already been installed.

The fastest way is to:

Step 1. Measure the conduit length where wire is to be pulled.

Step 2. In Red Rhino Estimate, use the conduit Wizard to input conduit and wire.

Step 3. Delete everything except wires.

Simple as that! You are left with the wire needed to be pulled into existing conduit.

Here are video links

This video below shows How to take off conduit :

Another video below shows you  How to take off multiple conduits using Red Rhino.

This video shows How to take off branch circuits

Example: The plans show existing 2 ½ ” EMT Conduit is to have 4 new #4/0 Wires and 1 #4 ground pulled.

The conduit length measuring up, over, and down is a total of 176 feet.

You input the conduit using Conduit Wizard. The conduit wizard displays conduit, couplings, connectors, supports, wire, and ground wire lengths.

Next, you simply delete everything except wires.

Fast and easy! The method shown is faster than adding up all the wire lengths and inputting them separately.


Red Rhino is online so you can log on from any computer with an internet connection. 

The Cost of Red Rhino is $99.00/ Month with an affordable setup fee.

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