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How to Estimate Transformers Using Red Rhino Electrical Estimation Software (2020)

Red Rhino electrical estimation software makes it simple and easy to estimate transformers.

Red Rhino has labor for installing all different sizes of transformers.

Note: You must get pricing from your supplier for the cost of transformers.

You get pricing by sending your supplier a copy of the plans. Usually, you get transformers, circuit breakers, and panels quoted together. They will send you a “lot price” (The total cost of all transformers, circuit breakers, and panels).

In the video, John Kelsey shows how to estimate transformers using Red Rhino electrical estimation software.

Red Rhino has labor for installing panels from 100 Amp to 4000 Amp, and labor for installing transformers from 5 KVA up to 1000 KVA.

How it works:

     * Count transformers from single-line drawings.

     * Write quantities on take-off forms.      * Input quantity of transformers into Red Rhino.      * Red Rhino Electrical Estimating software displays labor to install transformers.

When counting the transformers, highlight them on the single line diagram to make sure you don’t count them twice.

Tip: Use Red Rhino material take-off forms for your take-off.            They help keep you organized and keep it neat.

           It can be downloaded from Red Rhino Software.

Example of transformer on take-off sheet.

Input quantity of transformers.

Example of transformers in Red Rhino product catalog:

Red Rhino displays the labor (time) it takes for each transformer.

Example of how Red Rhino displays labor for transformer:

That is how Red Rhino electrical estimation software makes it fast and easy, to estimate transformers.

Red Rhino is online so you can log on from any computer with an internet connection. 

The Cost of Red Rhino is $99.00/ Month with an affordable setup fee.

Red Rhino Electrical Estimating Software | 14 Day Free Trial

You will immediately get access to our online software. Training videos will guide you step by step to learn how to navigate.

Call us if you have questions.

888- 492-5565 x 1

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