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How to Factor Labor on Conduit & Wire using Red Rhino Conduit Wizard

Factoring labor for conduit and wire is when you adjust (increase or decrease) labor due to difficulty and job conditions.

Red Rhino Estimating Conduit

When estimating electrical work, the production of installing conduit is influenced by several factors.

Of course, the higher the conduit is mounted off the floor, the more labor hours (time) it takes to install.

High work, tight spaces, concrete or fire walls and other obstacles influence productivity.

When you are estimating conduit runs in hostile environments, such as in factories or areas with a lot of barriers, you, might want to add or increase labor for conduit wire.

In this video, John Kelsey will discuss ideas on how to factor labor for installing conduit and wire using the Conduit Wizard with Red Rhino Estimating Software

Factoring labor for conduit and wire when using the conduit wizard speeds up the estimating process.


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