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Job Walk for Electrical Estimating – Tips that Help Win More Jobs Part 3

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Things to bring with you on a job walk

Below is a checklist of items to take with you on a job walk:

  1. Safety equipment like hard hat, safety glasses, safety face mask, bright orange or yellow safety vest, long sleeved shirt or Kevlar suit to look inside electrical panels.

  1. Copy of blueprints

  2. Pen and highlighter

  3. Note pad

  4. Screw driver and small tool kit to open electrical panels

  5. Measuring wheel or laser measuring device

  6. Camera or cell phone camera

  7. Tape measure

  8. Flash light

To sum it up

  1. Always do job-walks when you can.

  2. Review the plans before you show up.

  3. Take lots of pictures.

  4. Take lots of notes – make notes on plans.

  5. Ask questions. The only really dumb question is the one not asked!

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