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Tips on Estimating Lighting

Take off light fixtures and lamps.

Set up take-off sheet with the fixtures type, description, number, and type of lamps and accessories.

Make a note at the top of the columns on the take-off sheet where you found the fixtures.( i.e.: 1st floor, 2nd floor, room number etc.)

Count fixtures using a Tally counter. Make sure you highlight the fixtures as you count them. Write the quantity down on your take-off sheet under fixture type.

If a fixture is not labeled, look in adjacent room or area and see if it is logical that it is the same type.

If it is not clear what type they are,  circle the item with a question mark and send an RFI asking what type it is.

List it on take off sheet with a description as an unknown.

Input a price for the unknown fixture if you cannot determine what it is.

CHECK YOUR WORK – After you have counted and written down all light fixtures, look over the drawings to find any fixtures you may have missed.

Look for additional lighting accessories or support needed and list them. ( i.e. strut supports, seismic wires, pendant, hooks, etc )

Look closely for emergency batteries or dimming ballasts that are required but not shown on the fixture schedule. They may be required by the notes on the plan.

Also, look for fixtures shown on the floor plans controlled by a dimmer switch or a scene controller.

Tips – Look for exit lights, they are the most likely to be missed.


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